CADability dotNET

CADability dotNET Introduction

What is CADability?

CADability is a .NET class library that implements a 2d and 3d CAD system.

With a few lines of code you can write your own CAD system, simply by using the CADability user interface. You can modify this system at any level.

You can also just use some of the classes to perform special tasks provided by those classes.

Some of the features you might be interested in are:

  • Simple Control to display a drawing or CAD model.
  • Simple selection of geometric entities of the drawing or model with the mouse.
  • Fully fledged user interface for 2d designing and 3d modelling.
  • Full access to all data (geometrical entities, attributes) of the CAD model.
  • Extensible data model and user interface.
  • Data exchange with many CAD databases or file formats (e.g. DWG, DXF, IGES, STEP, ACIS-SAT, Parasolid-XT, CATIA)

Quick answers to frequently asked questions

Code examples

The status of this documentation is as of October 2016. Not all methods, properties, interfaces, events and classes are thoroughly documented yet. Please get you an update after a few weeks.

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