CADability dotNET

Import and Export

Which geometric file formats will be imported?

CADability imports dxf/dwg files via the integrated OpenDesign library by the Open Design Alliance. STEP and IGES files are imported via Open CASCADE Technology. These libraries are included in CADability, so there are no additional license royalties. The Open CASCADE Technology libraries provide additional import filters (e.g. ACIS-SAT, Parasolid-XT, CATIA) which must be purchased seperately.

There is always the problem with import filter that not all data is imported, because there is no one to one correspondence between the data models of CADability and the other file formats. If you have certain requirenments and don't get the data in the way you need it, please let us know, there is always room for improvement.

What about Export?

CADability exports to all the file formats which are imported and additionally to VRML and STL. Since the data structures of the file format and CADability do not exactely correspond, do not expect that even an unmodified file once imported and then exported still looks the same.

I have a file which is only partially imported.

If there is data missing or incorrect displayed, please let us know. It is almost impossible to check with all file formats and the different CAD software, whether the files look identically. If possible send us the file with a description which entities are missing or are incorrect displayed.

Is there a raytracer?