CADability dotNET

CADability Data Model

The Components of the CADability Data Model

The main component of the CADability data model is the class Project. This is also the top class in the hierarchy of objects that can be serialized, i.e. saved in and restored from a file or an XML document.

The most important properties of the project are the models and the lists of attributes.

A project contains one ore more Model. A model is the container of logically grouped GeoObjects. Many projects will only contain one model, which represents the geometry of a workpiece, a building, a map or the like. In some cases a second model contains the geometry of a drawing header. In the DXF/DWG world these are called paper space and model space. Several models can be merged together on a single Layout.

A project contains lists of attributes like LayerList, ColorList etc.

Besides that it contains lists of views, layouts and any UserData that you provide.