CADability dotNET

General and First Step Questions

How to use CADability from within a Windows.Forms based application

See "How to build your first application using CADability" for a full description on how you get started.

How to use CADability with WPF

See "How to use CADability in an WPF based application" for a full description on how to integrate with WPF.

I simply want to display a dwg file

See First Steps for a description on how to place the CADControl on your form. then use the ShowFile method to define the file beeing displayed. The file will be zoomed to fit the display area of the control. Use the mousewheel while the mousepointer is above the control to zoom in or out. Use the middle mouse button to scroll the display area.

In the design mode, there will be no drawing visible but only an empty space with the copyright note of CADability.

Which programming language did you use to develop CADability?

CADability is written in C# using the .net framework 2.0. There are two legacy DLLs from Open Design Alliance and Open CASCADE Technology which are called via the .net PInvoke mechanism. Calls to OpenGL also use the PInvoke approach.