CADability dotNET

Display and Views

Which display technology does CADability use?

CADability uses OpenGL (minimum required version is 1.1) which is installed on most computers. Internally there is an interface to the display driver that could also be implemented by a DirectX driver. This will be implemented when required.

How to change viewpoint or projection of the model?

What is the difference between parallel projection and perspective view?

How to display multiple views simultaneously?

The frame (SingleDocumentFrame) hosts user interface elements (toolbars, controlcenter) and the views. By default there is only one view. Use SplitViews to specify the number of views (1 to 4) visible in this frame.

How to show animated views?

To show a moving model use the AnimatedView object. It is mainly used to display machine movement but may also be used for other purposes. You will have to define the objects (geometric entities) which can be moved and the drives that achieve the movement. Drives may be linear, rotation or any path. Then you will also have to provide a schedule or program according to which the objects move, or alternatively provide an callback object which determines the positions of the drives in real time.

There is a demo in C# installed in the source folder of your installation that gives a short introduction into the usage of the AnimatedView.