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We at SOFA GmbH are engaged with software development in the area of CAD and computer graphics since 1983. At the CeBIT 1984 our first product CONDOR has been introduced. It was a 2D CAD programm under DOS. At the CeBIT 1992 we introduced the largely augmented and revised Version 3 of our CAD software under Windows.
Following the trend using software building blocks we introduced the software library CONDOR.DLL in 1994 and the ActiveX and COM components in 1996. With all that experience we now offer CADability dotNET, which is a redesign using all the features offered by the .NET framework. It is written in C# and uses almost no legacy code, except for import and export. It has been designed to be portable to all .NET frameworks. You can use CADability dotNET  with all languages that support the .NET framework.

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