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Overload List

Public methodAngle(Double)
Constructs an angle from the provided parameter
Public methodAngle(GeoVector2D)
Constructs the angle of the given vector. X-axis is 0, counterclockwise.
Public methodAngle(Double, Double)
Constructs an angle of a 2d vector (dx,dy)
Public methodAngle(GeoPoint2D, GeoPoint2D)
Constructs the angle
Public methodAngle(GeoVector, GeoVector)
Constructs the angle that is enclosed by the two vectors (between 0 and Math.PI)
Public methodAngle(GeoVector2D, GeoVector2D)
Constructs the angle that is needed to rotate the first vector counterclockwise to reach the second vector (between 0 and 2.0*Math.PI)

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