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The Angle type exposes the following members.


Public methodAngle(Double)
Constructs an angle from the provided parameter
Public methodAngle(GeoVector2D)
Constructs the angle of the given vector. X-axis is 0, counterclockwise.
Public methodAngle(Double, Double)
Constructs an angle of a 2d vector (dx,dy)
Public methodAngle(GeoPoint2D, GeoPoint2D)
Constructs the angle
Public methodAngle(GeoVector, GeoVector)
Constructs the angle that is enclosed by the two vectors (between 0 and Math.PI)
Public methodAngle(GeoVector2D, GeoVector2D)
Constructs the angle that is needed to rotate the first vector counterclockwise to reach the second vector (between 0 and 2.0*Math.PI)


Public methodStatic memberDeg
Creates an angle from the provided parameter (in degrees)
Public methodStatic memberFromDegree
Returns an angle from the parameter interpreted as degrees
Public methodGetObjectData
Public methodIsCloseTo
Returns true if the radians differ less than 1e-12
Public methodSweeps
Liefert true, wenn der im Parameter gegebene TestWinkel von diesem Winkel ausgehend mit dem SweepAngle überstrichen wird.
Public methodToString
Representation of this angle as a string in degrees
(Overrides ValueType..::..ToString()()()().)


Public operatorStatic memberAddition
Adds the sweep angle to the angle
Public operatorStatic memberImplicitWideningImplicitImplicitImplicit(Double to Angle)
Casts a double to an angle. The result will be between 0 and 2*pi double value

Return Value

Public operatorStatic memberImplicitWideningImplicitImplicitImplicit(Angle to Double)
Casts an angle to a double. The radian of the angle is returned. the angle

Return Value

the radian
Public operatorStatic memberImplicitWideningImplicitImplicitImplicit(SweepAngle to Angle)
Casts the sweep angle to an angle with the same value
Public operatorStatic memberSubtraction(Angle, Angle)
Returns the sweep angle that leads from angB to angA
Public operatorStatic memberSubtraction(Angle, SweepAngle)
Returns the angle minus the provided sweep angle


Public propertyStatic memberA0
Angle for 0°
Public propertyStatic memberA180
Angle for 180°
Public propertyStatic memberA270
Angle for 270°
Public propertyStatic memberA30
Angle for 30°
Public propertyStatic memberA45
Angle for 45°
Public propertyStatic memberA60
Angle for 60°
Public propertyStatic memberA90
Angle for 90°
Public propertyDegree
Public propertyDirection
Sets the angle to the angle of the given vector. Gets a unit vector with the angle.
Public propertyQuadrant
Quadrant of the angle. Yields 0 to 3. 0: right top, 1: left top, 2: left bottom, 3: right bottom
Public propertyRadian

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