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The Project type exposes the following members.


Public propertyAdditionalSymbols
Public propertyColorList
Public propertyDeferRefresh
Public propertyDimensionStyleList
Public propertyEntryType
Overrides EntryType, returns GroupTitle.
(Overrides IShowPropertyImpl..::..EntryType.)
Public propertyFileName
The name of the file in which this project ist stored. May be null.
Public propertyFilterList
Public propertyGdiViews
Gets a list of all defined GDI2DViews in this project.
Public propertyHatchStyleList
Public propertyIsModified
Gets or sets the modified flag
Public propertyLayerList
Public propertyLayoutCount
Gets the number of layouts in this project
Public propertyLinePatternList
Public propertyLineWidthList
Public propertyStyleList
Public propertySubEntries
Overrides SubEntries, returns the subentries in this property view.
(Overrides IShowPropertyImpl..::..SubEntries.)
Public propertySubEntriesCount
Overrides SubEntriesCount, returns the number of subentries in this property view.
(Overrides IShowPropertyImpl..::..SubEntriesCount.)
Public propertySymbolList
Public propertyUndo

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