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Wrappes an int value. The value represents a choice of severel predefined choices. It represents a setting defined by a [!:SettingName] and a [!:Selected] value. Ths setting can be displayed and modified in the control center. It is represented as a combo box. The label left of the combo box is given by the resourceId GetString(String, StringTable..::..Category), the values are

Namespace: CADability
Assembly: CADability (in CADability.dll) Version: 1.1.4254.24737 (1.1.*)


public class MultipleChoiceSetting : MultipleChoiceProperty, 
	ISerializable, ISettingChanged
Visual Basic
<SerializableAttribute> _
Public Class MultipleChoiceSetting _
	Inherits MultipleChoiceProperty _
	Implements ISerializable, ISettingChanged
Visual C++
public ref class MultipleChoiceSetting : public MultipleChoiceProperty, 
	ISerializable, ISettingChanged

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