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Edge is a abstract description of an egde on a Face. An Edge may belong to one or two faces. Edges don't exist without faces (use IGeoObject and ICurvederived classes for simple 3d curves). The Edge is defined in several ways, which are overdetermined and therfore must always be in a consistent state: It is the pur 3-dimensional curve, an ICurve, and on each Face the edge is defined as a 2-dimensional curve on the surface (see Surface), which has a 2-dimensional (u/v) coordinate system (parametric space). The Edge may be an outer or an inner edge on each face or some curve on the inside of a face (typically an outlining curve for a certain Projection). The edge may not be outside of a face.

Namespace: CADability
Assembly: CADability (in CADability.dll) Version: 1.1.4254.24737 (1.1.*)


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