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The Model type exposes the following members.


Public propertyAllDrives
Returns the list of all dirves of this model. Only used in connection with AnimatedView.
Public propertyAllObjects
Returns a list of all objects owned by this model. Removing or adding objects from or to the returned list doesn't remove or add the objects from or to the model.
Public propertyAllSchedules
Returns the list of all Schedules of this model. Only used in connection with AnimatedView.
Public propertyCount
Returns the count of GeoObjects in this model.
Public propertyEntryType
Overrides EntryType, returns GroupTitle.
(Overrides IShowPropertyImpl..::..EntryType.)
Public propertyExtent
Returns the extent of the model, i.e. a bounding cube enclosing all objects.
Public propertyItem
Indexer to access the GeoObjects owned by this model by index.
Public propertyLabelText (Overrides IShowPropertyImpl..::..LabelText.)
Public propertyLabelType
Overrides LabelType,
(Overrides IShowPropertyImpl..::..LabelType.)
Public propertyMinExtend
A minimal extend of the Model. This will be the extend of the Model if the Model is empty. This is also used in other circumstances (e.g. dieplay of the grid)
Public propertyName
The name of the model.
Public propertyNoSingleAddEvents
Set to true, if you don't want AddingGeoObjectEvent rsp. GeoObjectAddedEvent beeing fired after AddingGeoObjectsEvent rsp. GeoObjectsAddedEvent has been called. False is the default value.
Public propertyOctTree
Access to the OctTree containing all geometrical objects of the model. Do not modify the octtree to avoid inconsitencies between model and octtree. Use the octtree for fast access to the objects in the model from geometrical constraints.
Public propertySubEntries
Overrides SubEntries, returns the subentries in this property view.
(Overrides IShowPropertyImpl..::..SubEntries.)
Public propertySubEntriesCount
Overrides SubEntriesCount, returns the number of subentries in this property view.
(Overrides IShowPropertyImpl..::..SubEntriesCount.)
Public propertyUndo
Gets or sets the undo-system. Usually this is the undosystem of the Project containing this model.
Public propertyUserData

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