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The ModOp type exposes the following members.


Public propertyDeterminant
Returns the determinant of the matrix of this modification.
Public propertyFactor
Gets the scaling factor if appropriate
Public propertyStatic memberIdentity
Creates a modification that leaves everything unchanged.
Public propertyIsIsogonal
Same as IsOrthogonal
Public propertyIsNull
Returns true for ModOps that are 0.0 in all components. Uninitialized ModOp objects will return true. Usually used for a test, whether it has been initialized, since a 0 ModOp shouldn't occur in normal circumstances.
Public propertyIsOrthogonal
Returns true if orthogonal vectors stay orthogonal after transformation
Public propertyMatrix
Gets or sets the Matrix that defines this mmodification
Public propertyMode
Gets the kind of operation this ModOp performs.
Public propertyOriented
Gets the orientation of this ModOp. True means orientation is preserved (e.g. lefthanded), false means orientation is reversed (lefthanded to righthanded and vice versa).
Public propertyTranslation
Returns the translation vector of this ModOp

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