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The IFrame type exposes the following members.


Public propertyActiveAction
Returns the currently active action. Call GetID()()()() to find out more about that action.
Public propertyActiveView
Returns the currently active view
Public propertyAllViews
Returns an array of all views currently open in the frame
Public propertyCommandHandler
Public propertyContextMenuSource
Public propertyControlCenter
Public propertyCurrentMenuId
Returns the menu id of the currently running action
Public propertyDesignMode
Public propertyDisplayArea
Public propertyInfoPopup
Public propertyProject
Returns the project that is open in this frame
Public propertySelectedObjects
Gets or sets the selected objects. There must be no other action running when this property is used. If there is another action running, nothing will be set and the get property returns null
Public propertySnapMode
Public propertySolidModellingMode

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