CADability dotNET

The CADControl type exposes the following members.


Public propertyAdditionalMenues
Public propertyAdditionalPopups
Public propertyControlCenter
Returns the ControlCenter if there is a ControlCenter
Public propertyFrame
Gets the frame property of this control. The frame contains the controlcenter and the toolbars (if activated) and one or multiple views on the CAD model.
Public propertyLeftToolBars
Gets the Container for the left toolbars
Public propertyShowControlCenter
Sets or gets the value whether to show the ControlCenter or not. The ControlCenter is placed right to the drawing or display area and seperated by a splitter, so it's size can be modified by dragging the splitter This property must be set at design time or at least before the CADControl is created
Public propertyShowMenu
Gets or sets a value whether to show the Standard CADability Menu in the parent form of this control.
Public propertyShowToolBars
Gets or sets a value whether to show toolbars on the top and left side of the drawing or display area. The toolbars cam be moved around and positioned.
Public propertyToolBars
Specify the toolbars to be shown if ShowToolBars is true. A comma seperated list of the following items is expected: File, Edit, Zoom, Construct, Snap, Object
Public propertyTopToolBars
Gets the Container for the top toolbars

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