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The BoundingCube type exposes the following members.


Public propertyStatic memberEmptyBoundingCube
Empty BoundingCube. Defined by the special values MinValue and MaxValue. Often used with the MinMax(GeoPoint) or MinMax(BoundingCube) Methods.
Public propertyStatic memberInfiniteBoundingCube
Infinite BoundingCube. Ranging from MinValue to MaxValue.
Public propertyIsEmpty
Returns true if this is the special empty cube
Public propertyLineNumbers
Gets an array[12,2] of pairs of point indizes defining the 12 edges of this cube. Indizes are to the Points
Public propertyLines
Gets the 12 edges of the cube as a GeoPoint[12, 2] array
Public propertyMaxSide
Gets the length of the maximum side
Public propertyPoints
Gets an array of the 8 vertices of this cube
Public propertySize
Gets the sum of width, height and deepth
Public propertyXDiff
Gets the extension in x direction
Public propertyYDiff
Gets the extension in y direction
Public propertyZDiff
Gets the extension in z direction

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