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The AnimatedView type exposes the following members.


Public propertyBackgroundColor
Backgroundcolor to override the default background color as defined in the global settings
Public propertyDraggingObjects
Public propertyDriveList
List of all drives defined in this context.
Public propertyEntryType
Overrides EntryType, returns GroupTitle.
(Overrides IShowPropertyImpl..::..EntryType.)
Public propertyFixPoint
Sets or gets the fixpoint for interactive view direction changes
Public propertyHighlightColor
Color of the highlighted objects
Public propertyIsPaused
True while the anumation is paused
Public propertyIsRunning
True while the animation/simulation is running.
Public propertyLabelText (Overrides IShowPropertyImpl..::..LabelText.)
Public propertyLabelType
Overrides LabelType
(Overrides IShowPropertyImpl..::..LabelType.)
Public propertyName
Name of this AnimatedView as shown in the controlcenter
Public propertySpeed
Set or get the current speed factor (1.0 is normal)
Public propertySubEntries
Overrides SubEntries, returns the subentries in this property view.
(Overrides IShowPropertyImpl..::..SubEntries.)
Public propertySubEntriesCount
Overrides SubEntriesCount, returns the number of subentries in this property view.
(Overrides IShowPropertyImpl..::..SubEntriesCount.)
Public propertyVisibleLayers
List of visible layers. Modify visible layers using Set(Layer, Boolean)

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