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The Angle type exposes the following members.


Public operatorStatic memberAddition
Adds the sweep angle to the angle
Public operatorStatic memberImplicitWideningImplicitImplicitImplicit(Double to Angle)
Casts a double to an angle. The result will be between 0 and 2*pi double value

Return Value

Public operatorStatic memberImplicitWideningImplicitImplicitImplicit(Angle to Double)
Casts an angle to a double. The radian of the angle is returned. the angle

Return Value

the radian
Public operatorStatic memberImplicitWideningImplicitImplicitImplicit(SweepAngle to Angle)
Casts the sweep angle to an angle with the same value
Public operatorStatic memberSubtraction(Angle, Angle)
Returns the sweep angle that leads from angB to angA
Public operatorStatic memberSubtraction(Angle, SweepAngle)
Returns the angle minus the provided sweep angle

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