CADability dotNET

The IFrame type exposes the following members.


Public methodAssureModelView
Public methodFocusChanged
Public methodGetActivePropertyDisplay
Public methodGetBooleanSetting
Public methodGetColorSetting
Public methodGetDoubleSetting
Public methodGetIntSetting
Public methodGetPropertyDisplay
Public methodGetSetting
Public methodGetStringSetting
Public methodPreProcessMouseWheel
Public methodRemoveActiveAction
Removes the active action froom the action stack. Usually actions terminate themselves by calling RemoveThisAction()()()().
Public methodSetAction
Starts the provided action. The currently active action will either be aborted or pushed down on the action stack until the provided action terminates.
Public methodSetControlCenterFocus
Sets the focus to a given entry in a given tabpage of the controlcenter. The names of the standard tabpgaes are: "Action","Project","Global","View","Symbol". If resourceId is null only the specified tabpage is selected.
Public methodSetCurrentMenuId
This method is usually only internally used. The menu id is set automatically when the CADability menu is used.
Public methodShowPropertyDisplay

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