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The AnimatedView type exposes the following members.


Public methodAdded (Overrides IShowPropertyImpl..::..Added(IPropertyTreeView).)
Public methodAddHighlightedObject
Adds the provided object to the highlighted objects of this view. This is typically called during simulation/animation to draw the user attention to this object
Public methodCollision
Tests the collision of two solids. The current position of the drives is applied to both objects (typically one of the objects is static). If there is a collision, true is returned and the collisionPoint is filled with an arbitrary point where collision takes place.
Public methodGetContextMenu (Overrides IShowPropertyImpl..::..GetContextMenu()()()().)
Public methodGetSelectedObjects
Public methodPauseAnimation
Pauses the animation. All drive positions remain unchanged, the time stops.
Public methodRemoveHighlightedObject
Remove the highlighted object that was previously added
Public methodResumeAnimation
Resume a previously paused animation
Public methodSetSelectedObject
Public methodSetSelectedObjects
Public methodStartAnimation
Starts the realtime animation. speed provides a time factor, 1.0 is real time. The method returns immediately. There may bee zooming and scrolling during the animation. The animation may be stopped at any time and stops automatically when endTime is reached. Each discrete frame that is displayed fires the NextStepEvent to enable the user of this class to provide some additional display changes or other tasks.
Public methodStopAnimation
Stop the animation. All objects return to the starting position
Public methodZoomToModelExtent
Zooms to the extend of the model. The projection direction is not changed.
Public methodZoomToRect

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