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The ProjectedModel type exposes the following members.



Public methodAddVisibleLayer
Marks the given Layer as visible in the context of this ProjectedModel.
Public methodAdjustPoint
Public methodConnect(IPaintTo3D)
Public methodConnect(PaintBuffer)
Public methodDisconnect(IPaintTo3D)
Public methodDisconnect(PaintBuffer)
Protected methodFinalize (Overrides Object..::..Finalize()()()().)
Public methodForceExtentTo
Public methodForceRecalc
Public methodGetDeviceExtent
Public methodGetDisplayExtent()()()()
Public methodGetDisplayExtent(GeoObjectList)
Public methodGetDisplayExtent(IGeoObject)
Public methodGetIntersectionParameters
Returns the parameters for all intersection point of this curve with other curves in the model. The curve must be planar. To get the 3D intersection point call PointAt(Double). If CheckExtension is true, there will also be intersection parameters in the extension of the curve (if the curve can extend)
Public methodGetObjectsFromRect(BoundingRect, IGeoObject)
Returns all GeoObjects that coincide with the given BoundingRect in the projection of this ProjectedModel. If parameter [!:childOfThis] is null, this function will return the topmost parents of the objects else it will return direct children of "childOfthis".
Public methodGetObjectsFromRect(BoundingRect, PickMode, FilterList)
Public methodGetObjectsNearRect
Get all GeoObjects that coincide with the given BoundingRect or are close to it. This method is faster than GetObjectsFromRect but does not check the overlap of the ractangle and the GeoObject
Public methodGetVisibleLayers
Public methodGetWorldExtent
Public methodHitTest
Public methodIsLayerVisible
Determins whether the given Layer is marked visible in the context of this ProjectedModel.
Public methodPaintGeoObject
Helper method to paint a geoobject using the internal GDI resource cache and the projection of this modelview.
Public methodRemoveVisibleLayer
Marks the given Layer as invisible in the context of this ProjectedModel.
Public methodScroll
Public methodSetTopViewProjection
Public methodSetViewDirection(GeoVector, Boolean)
Public methodSetViewDirection(ModOp, Boolean)
Public methodSetViewDirection(GeoPoint, GeoVector, GeoPoint, Boolean)
Public methodZoomToModelExtent
Sets the projection to display the [!:Model.Extent] inside the given rectangle
Public methodZoomToRect
Public methodZoomTotal


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