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The Project type exposes the following members.


Protected methodProject()()()()
Creates an empty Project. The empty project contains clones of the globally defined attributes and attribute lists (like colors, layers etc.)
Protected methodProject(SerializationInfo, StreamingContext)
Constructor required by deserialization


Public methodAdd
Public methodAddLayout
Adds the specified Layout to the project.
Public methodAddModel
Adds the given Model to the project. The attributes of the GeoObjects in this model are merged into the attribute lists of this project. Fires a ModelsChangedEvent.
Public methodAddProjectedModel
Public methodStatic memberConstruct
Public methodStatic memberCreateSimpleProject
Public methodStatic memberDeserializeObject
Public methodExport
Export the project in one of the following formats: dxf, dwg, iges, step, vrml, stl, sat and xt (sat and xt must be licensed seperately)
Protected methodFinalize (Overrides Object..::..Finalize()()()().)
Public methodFindModel
Returns the Model with the given name, Returns null if there is no such model in the project.
Public methodGetActiveModel
Returns the active Model of this project.
Public methodGetDefaultLayout
Gets a default Layout for this project. If there is no layout in this project a standard Layout is created and adde to the project
Public methodGetLayout
Returns the Layout with the given index.
Public methodGetModel
Returns the Model with the given index.
Public methodGetModelCount
Returns the number of models in this project.
Public methodGetNamedValue
Public methodGetObjectData
Implements ISerializable.GetObjectData. Override this method if your object is also serializable.
Public methodGetStandardModelView(Model)
Liefert die Standard Darstellung des gegebenen Modells. Wenn keine definiert ist, die Draufsicht.
Public methodGetStandardModelView(Model, Int32)
Public methodStatic memberReadFromFile(String)
Creates a new project reading the data from the file with the given name. If FileName is null, an OpenFileDialog will be displayed.
Public methodStatic memberReadFromFile(String, String)
Public methodStatic memberReadFromFile(String, String, Boolean)
Public methodStatic memberReadFromStream
Creates a new project reading the data from the given stream.
Public methodStatic memberReadFromXML
Public methodRemoveLayout
Removes the given Layout from the project. There must always be at least one layout, so you cannot remove the last layout.
Public methodRemoveModel(Int32)
Removes the Model with the given index from the project. Fires a ModelsChangedEvent.
Public methodRemoveModel(Model)
Removes the given Model from the project. Fires a ModelsChangedEvent.
Public methodRemoveModelView(Int32)
Public methodRemoveModelView(ModelView)
Removes the given ModelView from the project. There must always be at least one modelview, so you cannot remove the last modelview.
Public methodRenameLayout
Renames the
Public methodSaveModified
Überprüft, ob Daten verändert wurden (IsModified) und fordert ggf. den Anwender auf das Projekt zu speichern.
Public methodStatic memberSerializeObject
Public methodSetActiveModel
Public methodSetDefaults
Public methodSetNamedValue
Public methodWriteToFile
Saves the project in a file with the given FileName. If FileName is null, a SaveFileDialog is presented. Uses WriteToStream.
Public methodWriteToStream
Writes the project data to the given stream. Resets the IsModified flag
Public methodWriteToXML


Public fieldStatic memberConstructor
Public fieldUserData
The UserData object can take any kind of data. If the data objects are serializable i.e. implement [!:System.Runtime.Serialization.ISerialzable] they are serialized together with the project. If they implement the IShowProperty interface they are displayed and can be modified on the project tab page of the control center.


Public propertyAdditionalSymbols
Public propertyColorList
Public propertyDeferRefresh
Public propertyDimensionStyleList
Public propertyEntryType
Overrides EntryType, returns GroupTitle.
(Overrides IShowPropertyImpl..::..EntryType.)
Public propertyFileName
The name of the file in which this project ist stored. May be null.
Public propertyFilterList
Public propertyGdiViews
Gets a list of all defined GDI2DViews in this project.
Public propertyHatchStyleList
Public propertyIsModified
Gets or sets the modified flag
Public propertyLayerList
Public propertyLayoutCount
Gets the number of layouts in this project
Public propertyLinePatternList
Public propertyLineWidthList
Public propertyStyleList
Public propertySubEntries
Overrides SubEntries, returns the subentries in this property view.
(Overrides IShowPropertyImpl..::..SubEntries.)
Public propertySubEntriesCount
Overrides SubEntriesCount, returns the number of subentries in this property view.
(Overrides IShowPropertyImpl..::..SubEntriesCount.)
Public propertySymbolList
Public propertyUndo


Public eventStatic memberBindToTypeEvent
Event that gets called when a type cannot be resolved during the deserialization. Provide the Type of an constructable object as a result.
Public eventModelsChangedEvent
Public eventRefreshEvent
Public eventViewChangedEvent

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