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The CurveDrive type exposes the following members.


Protected methodCurveDrive(SerializationInfo, StreamingContext)
Public methodCurveDrive(ICurve, Double)
Defines a CurveDrive providing the curve for the movement and the object beeing moved. The currentPosition describes the position of the object as it is defined in the model relative to the startpoint of the curve. It must be between 0.0 and the length of the curve.


Public methodGetContextMenu (Overrides IShowPropertyImpl..::..GetContextMenu()()()().)
Public methodLabelChanged (Overrides IShowPropertyImpl..::..LabelChanged(String).)
Public methodRefresh
Overrides Refresh()()()()
(Overrides IShowPropertyImpl..::..Refresh()()()().)
Public methodStatic memberRuledSurface
Returns a Shell composed of connected faces that describes the ruled surface which is described by a line synchronously connecting the two CurveDrives.


Public propertyCurve
Public propertyEntryType
Overrides EntryType, returns GroupTitle.
(Overrides IShowPropertyImpl..::..EntryType.)
Public propertyLabelText (Overrides IShowPropertyImpl..::..LabelText.)
Public propertyLabelType
Overrides LabelType
(Overrides IShowPropertyImpl..::..LabelType.)
Public propertyMoveAlong
Public propertyNullPosition
Public propertySubEntries
Overrides SubEntries, returns the subentries in this property view.
(Overrides IShowPropertyImpl..::..SubEntries.)
Public propertySubEntriesCount
Overrides SubEntriesCount, returns the number of subentries in this property view.
(Overrides IShowPropertyImpl..::..SubEntriesCount.)
Public propertyTangential
Gets or sets the tangential movement property. If true, the orientation of the driven objects will follow the tangent of the curve, if false, the orientation of the driven objects will stay fixed in space.

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